hello world :)
i hope you don't think that the silence for the past (long) while means that we have died. on the contrary, despite the combined efforts of the byu english and accounting departments, we are still alive and kicking.

in the past 3 weeks and 4 days, we have been asked the same questions by many, many different people. i don't want any of you out there in the blogosphere to miss out on the scintillating details of our post-nuptial lives, so i have assembled a list of FAQs for your reading convenience:

1. how is married life?
hello. let me be the first to tell you that married life is pretty much the best thing out there. at least in the experience of danielle christine richards. everton. dang, i keep forgetting that last name. oh well, i'm sure i'll catch on sooner or later... anyway, married life. it is so fun. seriously. me and michael are partying it up all day long. best decision EVER!

2. what have the newlyweds been up to?
well. considering the fact that it is finals week, we have been (obviously) studying like crazy. or rather, michael has been studying like crazy... he has claimed a little section of our front room all to himself and has spent almost every waking moment on it for the past week. i, on the other hand, built a little cocoon out of blankets and pillows and only visit sporadically to cram (that's how i do all of my studying) for an upcoming final. oh, and i've been cooking up a storm. i've never felt so domestic in my life. so for those of you who michael has been whining to about not getting fed: that kid is a dirty liar. he's going to be 10 lbs. heavier by the time the summer gets over, mark my words.

3. are you still liking each other?
eh, more or less. actually just kidding, because turns out that getting married makes you like each other even more.

4. what are your plans for the summer?
our plans for the summer involve a lot of school and a lot of swimming at seven peaks. yes, that's right folks, we got the pass of all passes (literally. that's what it's called) and now have unlimited access to seven peaks and trafalga + various sporting events through april 2012. the only downside? the name on my pass is daniel everton. seriously, i don't understand how people manage to do that. daniel is a boy's name! i mean i know i wasn't having the cutest day, but come on!

also. i will be doing this in exactly 11 days. eek! please wish me luck, i have a feeling i'll be needing it...

other than that we are counting down hours (12.75 exactly) until finals are over and michael is done FOREVER with the junior core. hallelujah! i cannot wait for that to happen.

love you all!

ps: if you are feeling like a stalker today (or actually any day), please refer to this blog belonging to my sister jill and her husband brandon. they are pretty great.
life lesson learned this week: fill up your dang car on saturday night if you are going to be travelling for more than an hour both ways on sunday! shamefully, this situation is one we've encountered many times. oh well, we'll learn eventually...



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