for those of you who couldn't come to mine and michael's reception, please refer to this lovely video made by mr. russ wilson, a cinematographic genius (as far as i am concerned). i love this video!

also, to update you on the life of the evertons, here is the rundown:

it was michael's birthday on tuesday! i'm pretty sure i was way more excited about it than he was... i wrapped his presents up the day before but then couldn't wait for morning and made him open one up right at midnight. it was great. and what did this little cutie get for his birthday, you ask? well. i got him rainbows flip flops (because he loves them so) and p90x (on ksl for cheap cheap cheap from another sketchy character). and his parents got him a TENT! so here's the thing. it is technically michael's birthday present, but i am gonna use that thing every time he does, so it was like my birthday too! we were so excited about it that we set it up in our living room last night, filled it with pillows and blankets and watched secretariat from inside of it. which, btw, is a gooooood movie. i was dubious, but happily proven wrong. everyone reading this: go watch it! thank you thank you jim & leanne!

also for michael's birthday we went to cafe rio for lunch (because he loves it way too much) and went mountain biking (another one of his obsessions). i think that if we could have gone skiing too he would have passed out with happiness and not revived until his 24th birthday.

also, new obsession: healthy eating. michael and i have been talking about eating healthy for years now (or months, rather...). well i don't think that he fully understood what he was getting himself into because i have plunged both of us (him more reluctantly) head-first into an almost gluten-free lifestyle. it's so fun! there is stuff out there called coconut oil that is amaaazing for your body. who knew? and flour? you can make it out of quinoa! whoa. organic fruit? yes yes yes. i'm pretty much planning on revolutionizing the world.

anyway, that's all for today. i'm off to bed. 11pm is way too late for a boring married woman like me to be awake. sigh. life has changed so much. but i love it :)

life lesson learned this week: if your keys are lost, check in the cushions of your couch. they are there, i promise. and now your significant other can go back to not being annoyed at you for constantly stealing his keys. you're welcome.



right now i am sitting in english 359, bored to the point where i want to stand up and scream. this boredom is compounded by the fact that this class is 2.5 hours long and i'm not even halfway through... sigh. such is the life of an undergraduate student. fortunately, finals for winter 2011 ended two weeks ago and me and michael were able to enjoy a weekend free from any scholastic obligations. it was blissful. i am so excited for that to be a permanent rather than transient phase of life! because it was such a fun weekend, i want to let the whole wide blogosphere know what we were up to:

thursday: my mom and dad came to provo! as per the fact that my (baby) sister graduated from college (before me. eek), they traveled down to watch and spend some time with their favorite child, her husband, jill, and brandon. it was fun. we all went hot tubbing for way too long and had fun laughing.

friday: jill graduated! it was fun to be there and see her walk. we saw some old friends and then went to panda express to celebrate (my dad loves that place way too much and we just couldn't say no to him). after that we took off for jackson hole to meet up with michael's family for the rest of the weekend. i saw a different side of michael on friday night, let me tell you. we watched "what a girl wants" and he quoted most of the movie along with it. it was lovely.

saturday: michael, jim and alec woke up way too early for a vacation and literally hiked up a snow-covered mountain (michael with his skis and boots strapped to his back) and then skied all the way down. they are so hardcore. after they got back, me, emily and ashley went on a 6-mile run in the park. and i think that those two things pretty effectively sum up the major difference between my family and the evertons. when my family goes on vacation, we do so to take a break from life and enjoy not doing too much. but i know that when i go on vacation with the evertons, i should rest up for a few days so that i have enough energy to keep up with all of their crazy adventures. i love it.

sunday: easter! we played bananagrams way too much (if that's even possible), went to church, ate dinner, and went on a walk before ashley, annie, emily & alec took off to go back home. after they left, me, michael and his parents drove out to jackson lake (this huuuge frozen lake), took pictures of us walking on the ice, spit over the bridge into the reservoir, and saw all kinds of wildlife (like bison. and moose. and giant birds. it's amazing how many wild animals are running around living in that area. it is gorgeous).

monday: the conclusion of our great trip to jackson. it was so much fun! but it felt good to walk through the door into our cute little home.

since the trip, me and michael have been busy busy busy with spring term, visiting las vegas (i did a triathlon. yes, for real), budgeting, trying to stay up on laundry, and waiting patiently for warmer weather to come permanently to provo.

oh, and did i mention that i got a mountain bike? well i did. we bought it from a drug dealer. with a pitbull. not a joke.

happy may!