Just an Update...

The boys didn't come home with anything on their hunting excursion.
Who called that one?
It was me!


"Michael, at one time men were hunter/gatherers. We're drawing on those instincts." -Dave Richards

Today is the day that Michael became a hunter. Or rather, today is the day my dad decided to make Michael a hunter and failed miserably. He tried to teach him to elk bugle and I recorded the footage:

My dad has been trying to prepare Michael for this hunting trip for a few weeks, but I don't think Michael was quite prepared for all that hunting with my dad entailed. Those backpacks that they are wearing are filled with game bags. Which, I think, is a little optimistic considering Michael's limited bugling abilities and my dad's dismal elk hunting record. Michael's just lucky my dad didn't break out the elk urine...

I feel good about this hunting trip.


Naked Baby Pictures

I hope you aren't offended by this very clear
picture of our little guy's business...
There really isn't a question about whether or not he's a boy... He kept flashing us to make sure we got the picture. Don't worry, I already have plans to put an end to this scandalous behavior. Let's just say that he's not going to be too excited to find himself in a diaper 24/7 in a few months...

A tiny mustache was visible in the ultrasound.
He's going to be such a suave young man.
On a related note, baby e is the size of an onion today! And I can feel him wiggling around pretty frequently. It's such a small little feeling that I have to really concentrate to know what it is, but it is getting stronger every day. Also, my tummy popped out the other day. Early last week I was looking like I had just eaten too much, but now it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant. I kind of love it :)

I Die

Oh my gosh, this might literally be the funniest thing I have ever seen.
I've watched it over and over and over and over and it just gets funnier.

"Tom, you're in the league."

It kills me. Every time. Best 31 seconds of my life.