drumroll pleeeeaaase...

michael and i are moving.

i die.
so my brilliant/charming/amazing husband landed an internship with the pwc office in downtown seattle. the reason he was gone for a whole week (while i moped around back in provo, missing out on the adventure) was because he was busy interviewing with a bunch of different accounting firms. after much deliberation, we decided that pwc was the best fit for our little family and sealed the deal. we are so excited!

and to be completely selfish... I LOVE SEATTLE. why, you ask?
1. i was born there 
2. it rains allll the time 
3. hippies 
4. the ocean (so, so close) 
5. the mariners 
6. new hobby: kayaking 
7. puppy! (coming soon) 
8. cool names of places to live 
(issaquah, sammamish, snoqualmie) 
9. seafood. sigh. 
10. close(r) to baker :)

his internship starts in the middle of june, so we still have a few months, but only a few :)

ps: michael is pretty sad to leave utah :(