for those of you who couldn't come to mine and michael's reception, please refer to this lovely video made by mr. russ wilson, a cinematographic genius (as far as i am concerned). i love this video!

also, to update you on the life of the evertons, here is the rundown:

it was michael's birthday on tuesday! i'm pretty sure i was way more excited about it than he was... i wrapped his presents up the day before but then couldn't wait for morning and made him open one up right at midnight. it was great. and what did this little cutie get for his birthday, you ask? well. i got him rainbows flip flops (because he loves them so) and p90x (on ksl for cheap cheap cheap from another sketchy character). and his parents got him a TENT! so here's the thing. it is technically michael's birthday present, but i am gonna use that thing every time he does, so it was like my birthday too! we were so excited about it that we set it up in our living room last night, filled it with pillows and blankets and watched secretariat from inside of it. which, btw, is a gooooood movie. i was dubious, but happily proven wrong. everyone reading this: go watch it! thank you thank you jim & leanne!

also for michael's birthday we went to cafe rio for lunch (because he loves it way too much) and went mountain biking (another one of his obsessions). i think that if we could have gone skiing too he would have passed out with happiness and not revived until his 24th birthday.

also, new obsession: healthy eating. michael and i have been talking about eating healthy for years now (or months, rather...). well i don't think that he fully understood what he was getting himself into because i have plunged both of us (him more reluctantly) head-first into an almost gluten-free lifestyle. it's so fun! there is stuff out there called coconut oil that is amaaazing for your body. who knew? and flour? you can make it out of quinoa! whoa. organic fruit? yes yes yes. i'm pretty much planning on revolutionizing the world.

anyway, that's all for today. i'm off to bed. 11pm is way too late for a boring married woman like me to be awake. sigh. life has changed so much. but i love it :)

life lesson learned this week: if your keys are lost, check in the cushions of your couch. they are there, i promise. and now your significant other can go back to not being annoyed at you for constantly stealing his keys. you're welcome.


  1. Russ Wilson used to live in my home ward. Small world.

  2. Good luck with the healthy food thing. And yay for the tent.

    But why no gluten?

  3. re: the tent - that is just ONE of the major benefits of being married - double the presents, celebrations, and desserts :)

    I love your little life lessons, such a fun idea.

    Del was 23 when we got married...ah such fond memories! so happy for you guys, hope you are loving life!