father's day

this morning i woke up to find this text from my dad sent late last night:

"it's father's day eve.
i can hardly wait.
mom is downplaying it but
i'm pretty sure she broke the bank on me this year.
hope i can fall asleep tonight."

so on this day, dedicated to fathers of all ages, here are a few of my favorite things about my dad:

1. this picture, taken on new year's eve. there were some families over at my house and we were all playing a game (probably mafia) when all of a sudden we realized that my dad had put these party hats on his head like this. not as a joke, just because he felt like it. and just kept playing the game like no big deal. and then he didn't understand why everyone was laughing. and this story might not have sounded too funny, but i swear it was in real life. trust me.

2. his unconditional love for panda express, chuck-a-rama, and mcdonald's milkshakes

3. the backpacking trips that he took me and jill on when we were growing up

4. how he refers to himself in third person (not infrequently), using the names big mountain ripper, big wave dave, the powder pig (accompanied by snorting sounds), the great white hunter, etc. 

5. the fact that he is such a good listener. seriously, amazing. i don't know where this skill came from, but i am so glad that he has it.

6. has anyone else noticed that he looks like a kid? i like to call it the genetic fountain of youth and am crossing my fingers that it got passed on to me.

7. how much he loves life. seriously, there are so many weird little things that he just loves way too much (polar bears, mt. everest, WWII information, his pigeons, hunting, skiing, etc.) and it makes me want to take part in life as fully as he does.

8. this guy loves to play. i know without question that if he didn't need to make money to support a family, he would be out playing all day every day. i think that i inherited this trait from him and learned to play just as hard (or harder....) than I work.

9. my dad genuinely loves people. in my family we always joke that anywhere he goes he makes a new friend. he loves finding out about people's lives and is better at it than anyone i've ever seen.

10. the 20+ voicemails from him that i have saved up on my phone from him. seriously, not an exaggeration. in fact, there might even be more than that. here are how my favorites start: "hey dani, i'm calling you from my new computer phone [smart phone]. that's what i'm calling you from." and a birthday call "mom is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder for all the pain you put her through 22 years ago. anyway, happy birthday old lady."

he's the best.

and to another notable father, mr. james l. everton:

i am so grateful to have you as my other father! i can't imagine anyone better to fill that spot. i feel so lucky to have married into your family and LOVE every member of it. you are such an amazing man and i will always be grateful for the example that you set for your little pal while he was growing up, because i think he turned out to be a pretty awesome man :)

life lesson learned this week: the primary is ROWDY. oh heck, this calling might kill me...


  1. 1. i love your dad. so much so that i want him to be my father-in-law. which is why i am marrying your brother.
    2. i love you. and i miss you. please adopt me as your adult child until i marry kennan.
    3. congrats on your primary calling. :)

  2. i accidentally deleted a voicemail from dad :(
    "Hey Jillybean! Actually, here's what your message should be. Rock chalk jayhawk. Leave a message if you want to talk."

    LOVE him.

    lene. come to 7 peaks with me!! and you better marry kennan. lots of people are counting on it.

  3. I love your dad. And your mom. You have awesome parents!

  4. "like" and what is all this about lene and kennan?? :)