mid-week date night

because we are so adorably newlywed and still love spending time with each other (or because we were so sick of studying and/or working at home...) me and michael decided to head out on a date to the batting cages at trafalga last night.

i don't know why, but my competitive alter-ego (who i secretly refer to as rhonda) rears her manly head every time anything even resembling a sporting event is undertaken. before we had even left provo, i had talked so much smack that you would think i was babe ruth's long-lost love child. i clearly am not. and this became glaringly obvious when i actually stepped up to the plate.

i wore this shirt because i like to think i'm number 1.
clearly my softball shortcomings are glaring. bob moon, my softball coach from 5th and 6th grades could definitely attest to this. in fact, in the whole two seasons that i played on his team, i never once played anywhere besides right field and my batting average was .07. not a joke.

when michael got into the batting cages, i saw a look come over his face that was something akin to what came over liam neeson's face every time he came across a bad guy in taken. needless to say, he kicked my smack-talking butt.

my baseball-playing superstar husband
so me and papa ruth walked away from the cages with our tails between our legs.but at least we got some frozen yogurt afterward to make up for the humiliation at the batting cages :) delish.


  1. you two are darling. and we need to double sometime...yes??? :)

  2. sounds like a match made in heaven! I am jealous - does you man have a brother ;) !