real great weekend

hi all you people we love :)

did anyone else have an awesome weekend? because we definitely did.

it all started with an amaaaazing byu victory over utah state.
we didn't think it could happen going into the 4th quarter (and one of us--the male one of us--was super grumpy because of it), but.

riley nelson and his luscious locks lead us to victory.

and yes, we stormed the field. against utah state. shameful, yes. but i figured that since i'm graduating in december i probably wouldn't get another chance to walk on lavelle's field.why not, right?
the storming begins.

me and jill get in on the action.

hello blurry cody hoffman.
this game was followed by a 6-page annotated bibliography that i slammed out in 1.5 hours (least fun part of the weekend) in time to be emailed to my professor. yes, i procrastinate. don't judge.

next morning: mountain biking nirvana. sigh. i love this trail.
pretty orangey leaves :)

and the yellow guys.

i know this picture looks like me and michael are getting
zapped onto a spaceship, but that just isn't true, promise.
and the mountain biking was followed by the best bbq that i've ever had in my life and some really really great face time (via tv) with some men who really know what they are talking about. general conference. one of my favorite things out there. and yes, i might have slept through (quite) a few of the talks, but i am excited to read every word that was said in the very near future. i. love. conference.

more fun? yes. more fun. this weekend was jam packed with it.

a two-day everton party complete with a consumption of massive quantities of sugar, watching inordinate amounts of college football, gooooood sunday dinner, making fun of the liberal in the family, an expedition to iggy's, lots of time playing catch (which i may or may not have looked real bad doing), and searching for the perfect car for jackson hole next week.

all in all, a fantastic weekend and i'm sad that it's going to be over in a few hours.
monday is coming too soon.

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