remember us?

hi there :)

i hope no one out there in the blogosphere is too disgruntled with our little 3-month hiatus... we have been pretty busy since then, so brace yourself for a lot of updates.

1. hello. i graduated from college.

i know, right!?

i love it. being done with school, i mean. i feel such pity for michael every morning when i drop him off for class. i am SO glad to be done with all of that business. and for those of you who doubt me, here is the cecil-approved diploma to prove it:
i love you.
2. michael got new skis. volkl mantras, to be specific. now, i wasn't quite sure if this particular update was really necessary to share with the world, but considering that michael routinely asks if the skis can "sleep in the bed with us" (i say no), it's almost like they are the newest members of our little family. sigh.

3.  i got a job. yes, that is correct, i am the everton family bread-winner. i work for an seo company. at first i was writing, writing, writing all day long, but my job changed recently and now i work more with the numbers behind the work. scary concept, right? i never really saw myself as a 9-5 kinda girl, but i totally am.

4.  we got rear-ended! yes, on the way to school/work in the morning. it pretty much tore the bumper off of our car, but no one was hurt. and the couple that hit us live in wymount too. i actually wanted to become friends with them, but michael vetoed that idea because he thought it was too weird. we have all of their personal information though, so... we'll see.

so... i can't actually think of anything else that has happened to us. so i guess you didn't really need to hang onto your pants for a long list of updates. sorry if you are disappointed.

we love you all! and your little reminders to update the blog :) we will keep you better-informed in the coming year.

ps: our anniversary is coming up in 11 days. just think, one year ago today i was an emotional wreck at the end of my rope. ah, nostalgia. good times.

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  1. I didn't know you lived in wymount...I was just there last weekend and the weekend before that. We have some friends that live there too