a 365 (or 367?) day success story

one year ago exactly (minus two days), michael and i were staring dreamily into each other's eyes thinking excitedly about our happy future together. today we have a whopping year of marriage under our belts and have learned a bit more things about each other :) this last year has flown by (excuse the cliche)! before getting married i had heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but i was happily surprised to find out that mine and michael's first year of marriage was the most fun, exciting, and happy year of my life thus far. if it was the worst, i'm excited for what's coming!

who knows what this next year will bring. seattle? definitely. a puppy? YES. lots of seafood? absolutely. and hopefully we'll have time to fit in plenty of mountain biking, skiing, and other exciting adventures.

thanks for keeping up with the evertons over this past year!

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  1. congratumalations. this makes me happy. and it's crazy that's it's been a year. or not crazy. anyway, i love you both.