A Very Baker Weekend

As it turns out, my little brother is quite the little football stud. So much of a football stud, in fact, that he was selected to play in the Shriners East-West all-star football game! This game is awesome because it raises money for sick children in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to receive medical treatment at Shriners Hospitals for free. On Friday, me and Michael took off from Seattle and drove to Baker to watch my cute little brother play one last high school football game. There were football players from 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A schools all across Oregon who came to our little town to compete in this game. In Baker, high school athletes travel up to 6 hours across the state to play in state championship games, so it was nice to have them travel to Baker for once :) Even though it was about a billion degrees outside, the game was so fun to watch! And it was great to spend time with my family.

This is the glorious Shrine Parade in downtown Baker. The Shriners
(a bunch of old, retired men) get to ride around in go-karts and throw candy to the residents of Baker.
Colten wrote "Lindsey Lou" on the tape on his arm.
Okay, this one requires a little more explaining. There is a family in the ward that meets just before my home ward that has five little kids. Several years ago, they started noticing some changes in their oldest daughter, Sierra. When they took her to the hospital, they learned that she had an enlarged heart and that she would need a heart transplant. Her health really deteriorated, but a heart came in for her at the last moment. A few months ago, they started noticing some of the same changes in their second daughter, Lindsey. After taking her to the hospital, they realized that she has an enlarged heart as well. Right now she is in California waiting for a heart transplant, just like her older sister a few years earlier. After this family, the Binghams (ps, check out their blog here), realized that they had another daughter with an enlarged heart, they had all of their children tested and found out that all of them have the exact same problem and will need to have heart transplants eventually. Anyway, Colten's tape says "Lindsey Lou" for this sweet little girl who is waiting for a new heart.

Colten (#31) was voted one of the team captains for the East side.
He's such a little cutie :)
One of the reasons Colten was so excited about this game was because
Kennan, my little brother who just got home from his mission, got to see
him play football for the first time.

Isn't he the cutest running back you've ever seen?

And we were the obnoxious family in the stands wearing matching t-shirts
with Colten's number on the back. It was pretty adorable.
I haaaated to leave, but I'm hoping we get to go back to Baker before too much time has passed. I just like that place. And I like these people :)

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  1. I like Baker too! Sounds like it was a good game-at least that's what my bro says!