Our First Seattle Visitors!

Jill and Brandon came to visit us this weekend! We had so much fun exploring Seattle and spending some serious time watching the Olympics. Mmmm, love the Olympics.

And sorry if the pictures look a little... odd. Turns out that I had the camera on the wrong setting most of the time. Whoops!

Seattle Temple :)
 On Friday we headed to the temple to do a sealing session. Unfortunately Michael had to work, so he couldn't play with us very much this day.

Ps... Awkward temple scenario occurred in which the sealer asked if me and Brandon would like to perform a few sealings to give Jill a break. We said no. Awwwkwwwaaaard.

It took some serious work to get all of us + the fountain in this picture.
 After the temple, we went to Pike Place Market and then trekked to the Space Needle. We were super excited to go up until we realized that it would cost us $20 a person. So we bought some Space Needle fudge instead. Not a bad trade, I say.

Presh :)
 After wandering around downtown Seattle (where Brandon got flipped off and screamed at by an angry driver), we headed back to our apartment to eat dinner (burrito bowls, sooo yummy) and watch the OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES (which were amazing). We love those things.

On Saturday morning we spent the morning watching several hours worth of the Olympics and then left to go visit Whidbey Island and do some serious exploring.
The Calamet was our ferry to Whidbey Island.
 We were going to drive and bring a picnic lunch, but the line for the ferry was over 2 hours long, soooo we parked, walked on, and took a bus to Langley, a cute little town on the beach. We had heard rumors about some awesome ice cream before we left, but unfortunately there was none to be found.

Apparently the water was pretty cold. I stayed away though.
 So these pictures all look really odd because the camera was set in the low light mode. In broad daylight. Please ignore the weirdness.
The boys spent some time here...

No makeup... Yikes.

I like these people.

Jill makes a pretty cute muffin, no?

After successfully begging them to stay longer (they were planning on
leaving Saturday afternoon), we went to Lund's Gulch to see the
Puget Sound at sunlight and got a solid 30 seconds on the beach before the park
ranger closed the park.
We had so much fun with these two and are so glad they decided to stay a day longer :) We're gonna have to return the favor as soon as you guys get settled down in Vegas!

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