foods i will never love

michael always teases me about the very close connection between my mind and my stomach. because when i am hungry, there is nothing else on my mind. my claws come out and i turn into this guy:

also, turns out that i rarely encounter a food that i do not like. but. there are some definite exceptions. the foods that i do not eat under any circumstance and am determined to never, ever enjoy.

1. cilantro
mortal enemy.
i love mexican food. probably to an unhealthy extent. but cilantro? no thank you, you make me gag.

2. bleu cheese
do you know what that green stuff is?
it's mold.
disgusting. and spelled wrong.

3. oj

i like oranges. i like juice. but i do not like orange juice. ever ever ever.

however, if anyone were to offer me ice cream (of any flavor and of any quantity)... 
yes. forever.


  1. Ditto on the blue cheese. Whoever thought it was a good idea to eat moldy cheese needs to be in a psychiatric ward or something.

  2. Hm I love all those things... And I never realized that you didn't like them! Ya learn something new every day!

  3. You are crazy! Cilantro is THE BEST in homemade salsa...I don't think you can officially like Mexican food without it...

    Also, bleu cheese is something I am DYING for and will be eating as much as possible as soon as this baby pops out!

    OJ, also awesome!

    You need to re-think these things, my friend.
    Hope you're doing well!