maybe i won't be an editor after all...

i just got an email saying that there is a job opening at the hogle zoo...

how fun would it be to have this little cutie as a coworker?
i mean really.

and wanna know how i'm wasting my time these days? yeah, you could call it an addiction. my little brother's football team is playing in the state tournament and i can't get enough of the trash talk in the forums. it's great. my favorite post i've read so far?
"I have read about the Siuslaw [the team they are playing on Saturday] power running game. Sounds impressive indeed. But, your boys will get to say hello to our Colton [spelled wrong] Richards on Saturday. I will leave it at that:-)"
cracks me up.


  1. I love Oregonlive, it occupied me for many hours during high school. Go Bulldogs, I hope they win!

  2. BAHAHAHAH! Lawn the mow Colten!