a few of my favorite things

i think i'm going to like this thankful thursday posting thing :)

1. i am thankful for the celine dion holiday station on pandora.
mmm yes. i love me some christmas music. on november 1st, i switch my pandora station from the texas chainsaw massacre score (you know, for halloween....) to more festive stuff. right now buble is singing softly in my ears. sigh. i love it.

2. i am thankful for bones!
no, not the bones in my body (though i guess i am thankful for those...). i am thankful that the bones season premier is tonight! and bones and booth are preggo! yes yes and yes.

3. i am thankful for warm socks.
little did i know on march 25 when i said yes to the big question that the rest of my life would be filled with freezing cold nights. here in early november when the temperature hovers around the freezing level, michael insists on sleeping with the window open. am i kidding? not a chance. if i would have known this would happen, i definitely would have picked the other side of the bed. you know, the side that isn't right next to the window. but i didn't. and it's too late to go back now. but i am grateful for my warm socks help keep me cozy during the nights when i can literally see my breath. in my own apartment. yes, that is a true story. and guess what made it onto my christmas list this year. yes. more warm socks.

4. i am thankful for class getting out early. 
i don't feel like this one needs to be explained. 10 minutes early? yes please. i'll take it.

5. i am thankful for my boots.
i don't quite need them (yet), but it's nice to know that they will be there waiting for me when the snow starts falling from the sky and onto my party.

6. i am thankful for the fact that i only have 21 days. left. of. school.
21 days until freedom! yessss! now to be fair, it's not complete 100% freedom... michael starts getting nervous when i talk like that because it makes him think that i will just sit around the house all day eating ice cream and watching past episodes of grey's anatomy. but no. i will get a job following graduation. sigh. 
(of course, the job will only come after i have spend an adequate time recuperating from the past years by eating ice cream and watching past episodes of grey's anatomy)

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