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Hello all you patient readers out there! Odd that I have such a hard time updating this blog since I am working as a writer these days. Or maybe that makes sense... either way, it is definitely time to update everyone about the goings-on of the Everton family. Seeing as how our last post was about our anniversary, I have quite a bit of ground to cover. Get comfy, because we have had quite a crazy summer so far.

Me and Jill ran the Ogden Marathon! It was both awesome and horrific. Probably leaning more toward the latter. 
Still looking happy at mile 8!
Looking a lot less great at mile 17... Sorry, the husbands didn't get a face shot.

Aaand I've pretty much fallen apart completely down the stretch to the finish.
I really feel like this picture captures my best side.
Jill, on the other hand, looks like she could go do it again.

SO happy to done with that painful thing.
We finished in 4:30 and are pretty stoked about it. Are we going to do it again? Eh, the jury's still out on that one.

In the first week of June we moved out of Wymount Terrace, our very first home. It was stressful to move but exciting to move on. All in all, we are pretty excited to no longer be undergrads. I might only be speaking for myself on this one... Michael sings the BYU fight song every night before we go to bed.

Right after we moved out of Wymount we went to Moab for some serious mountain biking and camping. It was actually pretty terrible... Like, 30mph gusts of winds terrible.

See how overcast it looks? Those aren't clouds, that's sand in
the air from how windy it was. Yikes.

On Sunday we went on a picnic near the Negro Bill Trail.

Aaand looked at some sweet fossilized dinosaur footprints.

And on Monday we did this. Of course.

Where Michael ended up on his face. Of course :)

Later that week, KENNAN GOT HOME FROM HIS MISSION!!! After 2 (long) years in the San Fernando, California Mission, my baby brother came home and my family could not be more excited about it.

Colten got the revenge he has been plotting for 2 years.

And on Saturday. ASHLEY & BOSTON GOT MARRIED!! We are just so excited for these two :) They are perfect for each other. And this day was absolutely beautiful. Ashley looked stunning (as per usual). I just can't say enough about how excited we are. I wish we were in Provo so we could hang out with them next year! Unfortunately, I didn't end up with a single picture from this day. Booo! Here are some pictures from their bridals to give you an idea of how the lovely couple looked :)

Not to brag or anything, but I did her makeup :)

Not that she needed the help.

Love this!
After some playing with the Everton family (including the two cutest kids under the age of 5 I have ever met), we went to HAWAII with my family! And sadly, I only got 1 single picture of this event. Fail. My skills in capturing history are seriously lacking.

I'll take the second one on the left, please :)

After Hawaii, it was on to Jackson, WY with the Evertons!
Yellowstone looks cool, but smells pretty disgusting.
Nate loves his grandpa!

This is probably my favorite picture ever.

Our close encounter with wildlife.

Old Faithful!

I like this boy :)

Family picture! We look pretty sharp, no?
Now that we're back in Seattle, it feels really good to just be hanging out in pajamas all day, watching Penelope, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner. So far the summer of 2012 has been filled with travel, adventures, and excitement. I'm quite ready for it to be filled with a little boredom :) That'll probably only last about a week though.

One last thing. Me and Michael went on a hike at sunset to the Puget Sound last week. It was pretty incredible. After all of these pictures of places we have traveled to, here is one from our new home. We are a little in love.
ps: visitors are welcome!

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