okay okay okay.
i know we're not (quite) married yet, but i am waaay too excited about this new blog to NOT say hi to the world from behind it.

so hi :)

in 16 days me and mikey are going to be married!
i only have one thing to say about that: hallelujah.
i had always heard that being engaged was majorly stressful, but turns out that being engaged and planning a wedding in the middle of the school year is virtually impossible.
but i'm all about building character these days, so i know that it will all be for the best at the end of the day (16 days from now...).

the most exciting news around here is that while michael is going through a testing week (i feel for that kid, by the way. i'm so SO glad that i am not in his place. he's amazing though, i have to tell you), i am getting ready to (finalize plans with the florist, seamstress, baker AND videographer/maintain a wedding diet (not possible as per the fact that i am definitely, definitely a stress eater)/shoot bridals) go through the temple!


much to everyone's surprise, i got all the signatures necessary.
ha jk. i hope not too many people are surprised...
i am so excited!
in 10 days i will be here:
i feel like i've sung "i love to see the temple, i'm going there some day" about a million times over the past 23.09 years, but the "some day" is just right around the corner these days. exciting stuff, no?

life lesson learned this week: brush your teeth. every day and night. if you are interested in how this life lesson was learned, please direct your questions to mr. michael james everton, my soon-to-be husband :) but i think he wouldn't be too happy with me if i revealed any more information...


  1. I'm so excited for you, Dan! You're going to love the temple. :') That's a single glistening tear of happiness, right there.

  2. Cute blog Dani! I can't wait to see you get married! Going through the temple is exciting too, just try to relax and take it all in.

  3. Dani! I'm so excited for this blog. And for you to go through the temple! You'll love it. And for you two to get married!!

  4. I am stalking you Dani! My advice for your 2 big days: soak it in! Those are the only 2 times that people really dote on you and make you feel super special. I'm so excited for you!!!