A Hell's Angel's Taste in Music + 2 Other Points of Interest

Around 12:05 pm today, I was running (late) to an English class up on campus. While walking along the western side of the Talmage building, fully resenting the fact that I was heading off to class and not watching Survivor back at my apartment (ps: I'm rooting for Boston Rob!), I faintly heard the strains of a pop song playing in the distance.

As I was craning my head around every which way trying to identify the source, I noticed a gigantic (seriously. GIGANTIC. Think Hagrid-sized) motorcycle, manned by a grizzly, old man that was quickly approaching me on the road.

Now, for those of you who have never experienced the… I want to say conformity, but that has negative connotations. Insert a neutral synonym for the word conformity here… of the BYU campus, you should know that this sight was seriously, seriously odd. There are no old, bearded men riding their hogs through campus. At least not that I have ever seen. Either way, it was an odd enough sight that I took notice of the fact that it was odd.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized that the pop song (T. Swift's "Love Story") that I heard immediately prior to seeing him was absolutely blaring from his speaker system. Blaring, I tell you. I passed a bunch of strangers and we all cracked up laughing.

St. Patrick's Day + an alarming development. Three times today, I have found myself mid-stride, walking in the direction of a stranger who was not wearing green. With the intention of pinching them. Not a joke. I realized that this was a problem when all of a sudden I though, "Dani. What are you doing?" And then realized that I was rapidly approaching a bespectacled professor who was not wearing green. Eek.

BYU plays Wooffard today. Wooton. Woffles. Whatever that team is. Either way. I predict that we will win. I also predict that San Diego will lose in the first round. Ah yes, sweet vindication.

Life lesson learned this week: Brick Oven Pizza. Not a great place to let your sister throw you a bridal shower. Especially when you start opening gifts... Let's just say that I blushed more last night than I ever have in all of my life combined. And it was all witnessed by a couple on their first date, two families, and one creepy old guy who kept glancing over his shoulder to check out the action...


  1. Thanks for the laugh! One more week girl!

  2. YOUR WEDDING IS NEXT WEEK!!! We are so excited for you!!! Infact, we are going to buy your wedding gift today...fun!
    Good luck and we love you!
    -Jeremy and Kelli