a week of wedding plans!

monday: pick up dress from seamstress/pick up ring from being re-plated

tuesday: bridals/interview with michael's stake president

wednesday: bridal shower with friends! 

thursday: 1,000,000 papers need to be done for next week when there won't be any time to do them...

friday: we can start moving into our new apartment (this actually means that i am going to start cleaning every inch of it)!

saturday: party in boise with my family + me going through the temple for the first time (yay yay yay!)

ps: 11 days left :) this is all starting to wind down!

life lesson learned this week: make sure to plan dates THOROUGHLY. for example, if you want to go to the spanish fork hot springs in early march, you should probably check to make sure that the road leading up to them isn't closed... because the hour-long drive + 20 minute hike up the road with no sign of the turnoff will all be for naught. just trust me on this one.

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