a married post for a married blog

yay yay yay! michael and i are (finally) married! i am happy to report that we are loving married life and each other lots and lots. it's pretty great.

march 25 is nothing but a big, happy blur in my memory. and cold. it was definitely a cold blur. taking pictures in the snow for 1.5 hours=not my favorite thing i've ever done. and my dress was soaked by the end too. but it makes for a good memory, i think. i just hope the pictures don't reflect how put out i was at having to freeze to death on my wedding day haha. 

but to everybody who came to the temple for our wedding (sorry if i can't think of you all... it's the blur, remember?), my mamma & dad, jim & leanne, jill & brandon, alec & emily, krissy & steve, grandmas & grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, hannah & dalaney, crystal & scott, lauren & scott, loraina, meghan, lene, andrea, seth, ryan, brett, rachel g, kelly & bruce, cynthia & larry, terri, and all other friends, we love you all and are SO GLAD that you were able to be there for our day. seriously, you all rock.

and just in case you're curious, jackson hole was so. much. fun. i want to move there. in the summer though... i'm so sick of snow. just so you know what it was like, here are a few pictures of just how much they had:
doesn't he look good driving a subaru? mmm yes. that's my husband :)

i couldn't resist jumping into the snowbank from the top of the car
even though our little honeymoon was pretty short, it was awesome and i can't wait to sucker michael into going on another one. on monday we drove back from wyoming through a snowstorm that looked like this:

 eek. it was a little scary. but then we went to michael's house and opened up our wedding presents (so great. thank you to everybody who got us something! you will be receiving your thank you note shortly).

which brings us to wymount terrace, our brand new home. this is where i put michael to work putting a little bathroom cabinet together...
doesn't he look so manly?

aaand 20 minutes later...

but he finally got it figured out :)
while our little home admittedly has a dorm-like feel (check out the cabinets in the background, for example), we really like it. we're sloooowly trying to get things organized and put together. but we're loving it!

life lesson learned this week: make a budget before going to the grocery store... that's what we're working on these days. yikes. poor college students: not just a stereotype.


  1. Yay! So cute. You guys are the greatest couple and Jackson Hole sounds so fun. I loved your wedding!

  2. WAIT what happened to all the decor on the car?? :) I have been anxiously awaiting your first blog post as a married woman, you two look so cute and happy. Miss ya already...

  3. I think we should get credit as the awesome people who purchased this little bathroom cabinet so your hubby could show you his manly skills early on in your marriage.

  4. Dan. I'm so sad I missed everything. I'll make it up to you someday.

  5. I love how you spell my name wrong. It's funny that it bothers everyone but me.

  6. You guys live at Wymount?!?!?! That's where our married life started off as well! Congrats!