jack o.

in the spirit of halloween, me and michael tackled the great halloween tradition of pumpkin carving (because i am just so in love with all things halloween. poor boy. i don't think he knew what he was getting into when he bought that ring). while he was off in the testing center, i went to smith's to get the supplies:

i finally found a good use for all of the wallstreet journals lying around our house...

and then may or may not have had a half hour dance party by myself while i waited for him to finish his test.

cutie husband carving his cutie pumpkin

guess who carved which pumpkin!
hint: the one on the right was carved by the one
who loves byu and saving money...

ps: michael made a deal with me that he would dress up for halloween if i finish the rest of the thank you letters from our wedding by saturday (yes, we still have some left... shameful, i know). which means that FRANKENSTEIN & BRIDE are coming to town in exactly 1 week :)

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