the most wonderful time of the year:


call me crazy, but i love it. way too much. when i was just a little thing (think 10 awkward years old, somewhere along the lines of this:
hot, no?)

i started reading nancy drew mysteries. the boxcar children mysteries. and yes, i dabbled in some goosebumps. around this time, i fell in love with all things creepy. and halloween became a time when i could let that little bit of crazy out of the box.

today i still love love love it. back at the end of september this year i put up some red gelly hands in our window that look like bloody handprints. the next week a girl from our ward told me that her little four-year-old daughter saw them and asked, "mamma, why is it like someone died?"


oh well. my love for halloween is no respecter of sunbeams. and this year i might have gone a bit nuts, it being the first halloween that i've had a space that is alllll mine to decorate. poor michael.

this is the best. white candles dipped in red candle wax. genius.

who doesn't love fake spiders? excluding arachnophobics, of course...
yes, that is a string of led eyeball lghts.
i can't wait for trick or treaters! we're gonna scare them so bad.... muwahaha!


  1. I love all of your Halloween decorations. You've inspired me to get into the spirit a little bit more :)

  2. No respecter of sunbeams? Hilarious.

  3. In your picture you can totally tell you're related to Kennan!