thankful thursday

(as someone who lacks a certain amount of creativity, i definitely did not come up with thankful thursday blogging all on my lonesome... but i'm definitely stealing adopting it. because everybody needs a bit more thankfulness in their lives, no?)

1. i am thankful for people who know how to do my hair.
because guess what. i am not one of them. unfortunately i was not blessed with the skill-set to have amazing hair everyday, but today i got a haircut. from meredith b. who used to live in my ward. i love spending a little bit of my day with her, she's great (ps if you want her info, let me know. she is really good at what she does).

2. i am thankful for colorful pens.
i have never been one of those girls who used colorful pens (well, maybe for a year there when colored gel pens were all the rage circa 2000). in fact, i was a bit judgmental when i saw girls using brightly colored pens to take notes (i know, i'm a jerk). but. then my black pen ran out and and my life went technicolor:
black notes

blue notes

green notes

purple notes

and moving into the most current phase: teal notes

i love it.

3. i am thankful for a clean sink.
it is no secret around my part of the woods that i hate doing dishes. i would rather scrub a toilet with my own hair than do dishes. i hate, detest, loathe and abhor doing dishes. so, so much. but yesterday i forced myself to stand in front of the sink for an inordinate amount of time to do the dang dishes. and today i have a clean sink. sigh. it felt so, so good to wake up to that.

4. i am thankful for michael's collection of jackets.
the boy has too many. so i borrow them frequently so they all get a little bit of love. call me crazy, but wearing his oversized clothing is the best. sweats. t-shirts. JACKETS. mmm... i'm wearing one right now and feeling quite cozy. they just make clothes for guys different than they do for girls and i like the difference every once-in-awhile.

5. i am thankful for crunchy leaves and weather that is cold enough to make me wear mittens.
fall is great, no? byu football games, picnics in the canyon, the smell of some rogue fire burning somewhere... i love it. it makes me so happy to wake up every morning. i especially love it when it's overcast... oh geez, just give me some soup and i am the happiest thing you've ever seen.

6. i am thankful for friendly strangers.
i have realized lately that my smile that i hand out to strangers looks a little like an unfriendly grimace. so instead of grimacing at people i randomly make eye contact with, i have started giving them the full-toothed smile. why? because i happened to walk by a friendly freshman boy who looked way to eager to be walking around byu campus the other day. and when he sent me his stranger smile, it was a full-toothed "there is nothing i'd rather be doing than smiling at you, stranger" smile. so i've been trying to pass along the freshman-boy smile to my strangers.

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